Guwahati is a sprawling city beside poised on the banks of the Brahamputra River, this rapidly growing city provides a link to seven other northeastern Indian state of Assam. Its hills hold a 10th-century temple dedicated to the goddess Kamakhya and an ancient seat of astronomy known as Navagraha, the temple of the nine planets; the small Umananda temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is on an island in the river. The area around the city contains wildlife sanctuaries, archeological ruins and a silk-weaving center. Umananda Temple, dedicated to Shiva and covered with engravings, stands on Peacock Island in the river.

Attractions in Guwahati: Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden, Nameri National Park, Umananda Island, Kamakhya Temple, Assam State Museum, Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden, Guwahati Planetarium, Nehru Park, Umananda Temple, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

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